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LAS4002-1000 (LAS4002-1000)

Lorient LAS4002 Threshold Plate

Length - 1000mm

Used where the door sill is uneven, this threshold plate creates a level sealing surface that greatly enhances the ability of door bottom seals to restrict the passage of sound, smoke, energy or weather.

Key benefits

  • Creates a flat sealing surface.
  • Enhances the performance of other sealing systems.
  • Slim-line geometry satisfies AS1428.1 access for people with disability requirements.
  • Durable hard wearing anodised finish.

Standard lengths
1m and 2.1m. Other lengths to special order.

Gap sizes
Minimum 6mm door undercut.

Fixing method
Mechanically fixed to threshold with supplied screw pack or adhered with construction adhesive.

Silver anodised aluminium.

Fire: Approved for use on proprietary AS1905.1 fire doors for up to 4 hour fire rating.
Smoke: Tested in accordance with AS1530.7 on AS6905 compliant door assemblies.
Sound: Acoustically tested as part of a system in accordance with ISO10140-2 and AS/NZS717.1.