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Kilargo KG1612BW Batwing Single Door Perimeter Seal

Graphite intumescent combined fire, smoke and acoustic seal.

This hybrid, intumescent fire & smoke seal is simply fitted onto the rebate of a door frame perimeter to provide resistance against fire, smoke, sound, draughts, dust and light.

  • Tested on proprietary fire doors for up to 2 hours fire resistance.
  • Fits quickly and easily without removal of the door.
  • Provides an excellent acoustic & smoke seal across all temperatures.
  • Offers an outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Simple self-adhesive application onto the door frame.
  • Strategically located in the impact free zone of the opening.

Used in conjunction with a Kilargo door bottom solution such as the IS8010si automatic door bottom or KP3504TF seal to provide a total door sealing system.

Kilargo high performance graphite based intumescent core with PVC skin combined with an elastomeric sealing blade. Supplied with aggressive self adhesive backing tape on both flanges of the carrier

Minimum 2mm – Maximum 3mm

Door Sets:

  • Single 1 x 1000mm, 2 x 2100mm
  • Standard Colours: Black,

The product is fitted along the rebate of the door frame perimeter and applied using the integral self-adhesive backing tape.

Fully tested to AS1530 Part 4 for up to 2 hours on proprietary fire door assemblies in  accordance with AS1905 Part 1

Medium temperature smoke leakage approvals to AS1530 Part 7 available on proprietary  door assemblies

Acoustically tested in accordance with AS1191, IS0140.3 & ISO10140-2.