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1026SIL (1026SIL)

Dormakaba 1026 Surface Mounted Door Closer

1026 Series surface mounted door closer is a heavy duty, high end unit offerin

Standard Features

• Closing force power adjustable (EN2-6)
• A single closer provides variable power sizes
• Adjustable closing speed and latching speed
   - Closing speed action (180˚~15˚)
   - Latching speed action (15˚~0˚)
• Non-handed installation
• Compact extruded aluminium body design with minimal projection allowing installation to door with adjacent wall at 90˚
• Back check - beyond approx 60˚ (valve adjustable)
• Delayed action - between 180˚ and 65˚
• Parallel arm bracket supplied as standard
• Standard hold open arm - available as accessory
• Slide track (inc. hold open) - available as accessory
• Fixing screws supplied to suit timber or metal fixing
• Drop plate and inverted mount plate available as accessories
• Stainless steel box cover - available as accessory

Fire Rating

1026 Series door closer has been successfully tested on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905 Part 1: Fire Resistant Door sets.