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KG4002-DDS (KG4002-DDS)

Kilargo KG4002 Intumescent retro-fit seal

Approved as a fire door perimeter upgrade seal, allowing proprietary fire door assemblies with non-compliant perimeter gaps (where the clearance exceeds the 3mm as specified in AS1905 Part 1) to be upgraded.

~The KG4002 caters for door perimeter gaps of up to, and including, 6mm.

This retrofit seal is simply applied directly to the frame and secured using the aggressive self-adhesive backing tape.

Door Frame Seals or Perimeter Seals

Seals designed for the gap between the door and the frame (up and down the jamb and across the head of the door) is termed “Door Frame Seals”. These are generally compression seals; some are mounted on the door stop or directly onto a plain frame of the door, thereby providing a door stop seal. Some seals can be fitted to the door or neatly rebated into the frame itself.