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LVHD-600 x 600 (LVHD-600 x 600)

Lockwood 001-3l1SP 001 Double Cylinder Deadlatch with Lever

The Lorient LVH heavy duty intumescent air transfer grilles designed for use in aggressive environments such industrial premesis.

The damper units are slimline with a 35mm overall thickness allowing them to be flush-fitted within conventional 35mm or 45mm nominal fire door leaves.

Easily installed into new or existing doors and have no moving parts which will not rattle or vibrate during door operation.

The kit includes a pair of decorative cover grilles, damper unit and a tube of fire rated mastic.

Deadbolts, deadlocks or deadlatches explained


Deadlock is a general term used to describe a lock that requires a key for both locking and unlocking.

Usually deadlocks have a key on both sides of the lock which prohibits unauthorised unlocking should the lock be accessed by breaking a nearby window to reach the lock from the inside.

Having a key inside also prevents unauthorised persons from using the door as an exit if entry into the premises had been gained at another location.

Some deadlocks may have a thumb turn instead of a key on the inside, but technically speaking this option does not fit the true deadlock definition.

These single-sided deadlocks still offer a reasonable amount of security from break-ins, as the locks are more durable and stronger than normal entrance sets.

Most insurance companies require that premises are fitted with deadlocks on the main entry doors.



Deadbolts are a type of deadlock that will only lock when turned with a key. The door must be shut and the key turned to throw the bolt into the locking position. The disadvantage of a requirement is that the user must remember to lock the deadbolt every time, but on the contrary, it does make it more difficult to be inadvertently locked out.


Deadlatches are type of deadlock that will automatically lock itself as soon as the door is closed. All that is required is to close the door and the lock will do the rest.

Although this automatic locking function provides guaranteed locking each time the door is closed, the possibility exists to be inadvertently locked out.

Some Deadlatches, such as Lockwood’s 001, have an optional function to lock the latch in the open position, thus eliminating the possibility of an automatic lock out.