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Intusil-600 (Intusil-600)

Intusil Fire Protective Silicon Sealant

Firefly Intusil is an atmospheric moisture curing one-part silicon sealant, which is available in white or grey. Intusil will form a skin in around 30 minutes depending on moisture conditions – the more moisture the faster the cure. It should be tooled within 5 minutes and will continue to cure at 2 mm per day.

Used to provide a highly flexible (low modulus) water proof fire seal to gaps and joints up to 25 mm requiring up to 50% movement accommodation. Particularly for use on non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass and many polished surfaces, including curtain walling. Intusil does not contain halogens and produces very low smoke emissions during fire attack making it extremely suitable for use in confined spaces, underground or in marine environments. Whereas some polyurethane based waterproof fire rated sealants, may not be suitable for enclosed spaces as polyurethane has been known to emit extremely toxic gases when exposed to fire. Intusil is also used for sealing up external joints on roofing, barge and eave linings, where buildings are constructed in areas designated as BAL-FZ (highest level of Bushfire Attack) or lower.


As a specialist manufacturer, Doorpac manufactures a comprehensive range of Fire Rated and Solid Core doors and stockists of associated fire rated hardware, in a selection of finishes to suit a wide range of applications.