Pipe Wraps for Plastic or Insulated Pipes

Fire Stopping Wraps for Plastic or insulated Pipes. Up to 4 hours fire resistance – for maintaining Fire resistance where pipes penetrate fire walls and floors.

B305 pipe wraps are flexible intumescnt seals for fire protection of fire walls and floors penetrated by plasic pipes and insulated plastic or metal pipes. When a fire occurs the intumescent material swells, crushing the plastic pipe or insulation and filling the gap with fire resistant material.

Provides up to 4 hours fire resistance foruPVC, HDPE and MDPE pipes up to 150 mm nominal ID in concrete floors, 3 hours in concrete and brick walls, and 2 hours in plasterboard walls.

Installed within the wall or floor.

Quick and easy to install even in restricted areas. The Pipe Wraps cosist of a flexible intumescent strip sealed in a protective sleeve. The sleeve is complete with a self adhesive sealing strip for simple installation.

Water resistant and unaffected by high humidity.

Fire Tested to AS1530.4-1997, AS4072.1 and BS476:Part 20, in plasterboard walls and concrete floors.