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IFD-CE1 300300 (IFD-CE1 300 x 300)

Kilargo IFD-CE1 Intumescent Ceiling System Fire Dampers

Bi-directional airflow fire dampers to be used in conjunction with supply grilles and return air diffusers. Light weight design and manufactured with moisture resistant material.

No moving parts ensuring reduced maintenance costs.

Suitable for retrofitting in Fire Safety upgrades.

Lo-profile damper is also available for reduced ceiling heights.

Intumescent Fire dampers

Intumescent Fire dampers
Intumescent Fire dampers

Ventilation ducting can provide a conduit for fire and hot smoke in the event of a fire. Intumescent fire dampers fitted into the duct at the point where they penetrate fire resistant constructions, prevent the passage of fire and hot smoke.

Intumescent fire dampers incorporates a designated number of parallel intumescent slats, reinforced with impact resistant steel edging and housed in a rigid steel frame.

In a fire situation, increasing temperature causes the slats to intumesce (swell) to many times their original thickness, fusing together to provide a barrier to passage of fire and hot smoke.

The intumescent fire dampers does not incorporate any moving components, thus eliminating the need for commissioning release tests or ongoing physical mechanism operation checks.

Tested to AS1530.4 -2005 with an extended fully closed-off period of 120 seconds.