Fire Pillows

Fire Pillows are made from quality cloth bags, enclosing a high temperature fire resistant granulated material. When exposed to fire the Fire Pillows fuse to form a fire resistant barrier that is not penetrated by flame or heat in excess of the limits set out in the appropriate fire standards.


Fire Pillows are used wherever openings require reinstatement, whether or not penetrated by pipes or cable services. The Fire Pillows are an easy and efficient method for fire sealing requiring minimum labour time. They can be removed and reused if services are added to or removed from the opening.


Fire Pillows are available in 2 sizes:

  • Large 240mm x 240mm x 40mm (nominal) Nominal average weight 550g.
  • Small 100mm x 240mm x 40mm (nominal) Nominal average weight 150g.


Fire Pillows are to be packed firmly into opening and around services. A combination of pillow sizes may be required to satisfactorily pack an opening. Overlap the pillows a minimum of 50mm (as laying bricks) and ensure that they overhang the perimeter of the opening. Gaps that cannot be filled by pillows are closed with a fire resistant mastic, which must also be used to seal around services.

A typical 500mm x 200mm hole would require 13 large pillows less the area occupied by the penetrating items. (Application rate 132 large pillows per m².

Fire Test Data

Tested to AS1530 Part 4 1997, AS4072.1-1992 and BS476 Pt 22- 1987.
Fire Pillows provide 2 hours fire integrity, and 1 hour insulation, FRR-/120/60.
Fire Pillows are tested for wall openings up to 0.3m².