Fire Collars

Retrofit Fire Collars

B311 Retrofit Pipe Collars prevent the spread of fire where PVC and PE plumbing pipes penetrate concrete fire walls and floors. Also for use on PP-R pipes as per PPR Table, and 15mm or 20mm internal diameter polybutylene pipes. The B311 collar is suitable for use where the collar is placed outside the wall or below the floor. With the addition of the optional "click-on" flange oversize holes may be accommodated

Jumbo Fire Collars

B312 Pipe Collars prevent the spread of fire where large uPVC and PE pipes penetrate fire barrier floors and walls. The collars low profile and hinged quick-clip construction allows fast, simple installation either before or after pipework is erected.

B312 Jumbo Fire Collars have an outer casing of powder coated steel with a liner of intumescent material. They are simple to install as no crushing spring is required.