Rayshielde Radiation Shielded Fire Door

Rayshielde Radiation Shielded Fire Door
Rayshielde Radiation Shielded Fire Door

Any exposure to ionising radiation carries a risk. Everyday bodily functions of the human body are altered when exposed to radiation rays, causing harm to almost every part of our body. This can occur in hospital areas like the radio therapy and x-ray rooms which emit radiation rays. In order to protect hospital employees and patients against unwanted exposure to unnecessary harmful rays, the Rayshielde™ Radiation Shielded, lead-lined doors provide an optimum solution. Lead sheet of various thicknesses can be incorporated to provide the required “lead equivalence”. In order to provide maximum protection, the internal lead sheeting covers the full height and width of the door. Lead glass vision panels can be provided if communication or inspection is required.

Normal method of construction of a radiation shielded door is to incorporate two layers of lead either side of the central core. The external finish sheets are then laminated to the lead layers to complete the door construction.

This method of construction offers many benefits such as:

  • The double lead layers provide a balanced construction.
  • Locks, hinge recesses and associated fixings are protected by the layers of lead.
  • Fire rated options available.
  • Single, pairs and unequal pairs are available.
  • Vision panels can be incorporated.

Rayshielde Mini and Rayshielde Maxi Fire Door – Single Leaf Radiation Shielding

Suitable for use with both Flameshielde Mini and Flameshielde Maxi doors.

Notes applicable to this approval.

  1. Both sides of door with 1 mm (nom) thick lead sheeting adhered directly to the core prior to the application of the face sheeting and finished thickness of 49 mm (Maxi) and 39 mm (Mini).
  2. Steel Frame rebate size – 50 mm x 25 mm (Maxi) and 40 mm x 25 mm (Mini).
  3. Minimum hinge requirements – 3 hinges.
  4. Complies with AS 1905.1-2005 and tested in accordance with AS 1530.4-2005.


Maximum Door Leaf Size
(h x w) (mm)
Type of Wall Fire Resistance Level (FRL) Reference
Flameshielde Mini Single 2400 x 1200 Masonry
Hebel Wall
-/120/30 FCO2924
Flameshielde Maxi Single 2400 x 1200
Flameshielde Maxi Double 2400 x 2400
Hebel Wall
-/240/30 FCO2924
Flameshielde Maxi Single 2400 x 1200
Flameshielde Maxi Double 2400 x 2400
Plasterboard -/120/30 FCO2924

Rayshielde Solid Core – Single and Double Leaf Radiation Shielding.

The doors are manufactured from HMR Particle Board which is surrounded by solid hardwood timber rails. The lead sheeting is then bonded to both sides of the core and then followed by the facing sheets as selected.

Where double leaf doors are required, shielded rebates are usually recommended.

Viewing panels to specified sizes are available using leaded glass with a lead equivalency of 1.6 mm and 2.2 mm.

Doors may be manufactured to the following weights:

  • Lead weight 10 kg doors approximately 0.44 mm thick (5 kg/m² per side).
  • Lead Weight 20 kg doors approximately 0.88 mm thick (10 kg/m² per side).
  • Lead weight 30 kg doors 1.32 mm thick (15 kg/m² per side).

Rayshielde Doors – available sizes, weights and codes

Door size Lead Weight 10 kg
(5 kg per side)
Lead Weight 20 kg
(10 kg per side)
Lead Weight 30 kg
(15 kg per side)
2045 x 820 RS0210 RS0220 RS0230
2045 x 870 RS0310 RS0320 RS0330
2045 x 920 RS0410 RS0420 RS0430
2045 x 1020 RS04a10 RS04a20 RS04a30
2045 x 1200 RS0510 RS0520 RS0530
2100 x 820 RS0710 RS0720 RS0730
2100 x 870 RS0810 RS0820 RS0830
2100 x 920 RS0910 RS0920 RS0930
2100 x 1020 RS09a10 RS09a20 RS09a30
2100 x 1200 RS1010 RS1020 RS1030
2430 x 820 RS1210 RS1220 RS1230
2430 x 870 RS1310 RS1320 RS1330
2430 x 920 RS1410 RS1420 RS1430
2430 x 1020 RS14a10 RS14a20 RS14a30
2430 x 1210 RS1510 RS1520 RS1530