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9400000000985 (7303SIL)

Dormakaba 7303 Surface Mounted Door Closer

7303 Series surface mounted door closer is an economical general purpose door closer ideally suited for most common doors in architectural and commercial applications.

Standard Features

• Closing force selectable by adjusting position of closer on door (EN2-4) (no additional fixing points required)
• A single closer provides 3 power sizes
• Adjustable closing speed and latching speed
   - Closing speed action (180˚~15˚)
   - Latching speed action (15˚~0˚)
• Non-handed installation
• Compact extruded aluminium body design with minimal projection allowing installation to door with adjacent wall at 90˚
• Back check - beyond approx 60˚ (valve adjustable)
• Parallel arm bracket supplied as standard
• Standard hold open arm - available as accessory
• Slide track (inc. hold open) - available as accessory
• Fixing screws supplied to suit timber or metal fixing
• Drop plate and inverted mount plate available as accessories

Fire Rating

7303 Series door closer has been successfully tested on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905 Part 1: Fire Resistant Door sets.